Sunday, October 7, 2012

Subscriber Questions

Hey everyone! Time for me to ramble a bit again( I get bored on Sundays). I want to say thank you to the few of you who sent me questions for this blog. I really do appreciate it and I will have gifts for all of you as a show of my appreciation.

Now onto the questions:

Kayla asked me about a skincare regime. I tried to come up with something that was quick, easy, and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to put together. Here's what I came up with-

* At night the important thing to do is get any make-up and dirt from the day off your face. The easiest way to do this is with one of the cleansing cloths that are on the market. I use the nighttime cloths made by Neutrogena and they get even mascara to come off with ease. They retail for about 5 bucks at drugstores.
*For the am, I would recommend a quick wash with a facial cleanser. I use Clean and Clear Morning Burst skin brightening facial cleanser. Its citrus smell wakes me up! Then the big thing for the day is to moisturize with a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. Here I recommend Olay Complete with SPF 15.

Along the same routes Christina needs an anti-aging skincare regimen. I feel your pain with this one Stina so here's what I do. One word-Olay!

*At night I use Olay's pore minimizing cleanser and scrub. It really makes my face feel clean without it feeling tight (a tight feeling means you're over cleaning your face). If you can swing the 30 bucks for the Pro-X Cleansing System do it. You get a deep clean that you just can't get with cleanser alone. Follow the cleansing up with toner (half lemon juice, half witch hazel) and then a night cream. If I wasn't testing high end brands right now I would be using the Olay Age Defying Night Cream. They also have an Age Defying Eye Cream for your happy scrinchies!

*In the morning I switch it up with Clean and Clear's Morning Burst Skin Brightening Cleanser. It smells awesome and has ingredients that will lighten age spots/acne scars/etc.. Follow this up with an Olay moisturizer with SPF and you're good to go.

Thanks again to my great friends for being so supportive to me. I love you all-XOXO!

Time to toss this honeybee into the air and see if it flies....

Love, Erin

Sunday, September 30, 2012

All About The Eyes

Hi everyone! This week I've decided to do an "all about the eyes" blog update with a few cool eyes related tips for everyone. Before I start though, for anyone who didn't see my post on Facebook earlier this week another little honeybee tip is: if you're going to a wedding or other gathering where your picture may be taken, make sure your foundation does not have sunscreen in it, sunscreen can cause you to show a white cast to your skin in pictures. Now on to the eyes: ~My first tip is an easy one-If you're putting eye cream or concealer under your eyes, always use your ring finger to do so. The eye area is the thinnest skin on your body and using your ring finger takes the least amount of force. Oh and make sure you pat and not rub. Being too rough on the skin under your eyes is one cause of dark circles! ~Speaking of dark circles-they are caused by the pooling of blood and fluid under the eyes and are so noticable because your skin is so transparent in that area. If you see products that guarentee to elimininate them, especially make-up related products, be very weary of the claims. Most of these products do nothing more than cover up the dark circles. For something that may actually help lessen the darkness you want to look for something rich in antioxidants and peptides. I use Clinique All About Eyes serum but I have also heard many good things about the Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff roller (available in drustores). ~Now a cool make-up tip-Do you have any loose eyesdahows in your collection that might be too dark or something that you just dont wear often. Turn them into a cream eyeliner. Take a little bit of loose eyeshadow (or scrape some pressed eyeshadow) into a small container and add a drop or two of Visine to it. Mix together and you have a rich, creamy eyeliner. In the picture I used Bare Minerals k.i.t. as the eyeshadow.
I swatched the mixture on the left and the eyeshadow in its original color on th right.
Finally, two things I picked up recently that I have fallen in love with- First one is L'Oreal's Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. I have pretty long lashes, but they're not that thick. A coat or two of this blackest black mascara and it looks like I'm wearing falsies.
The second purchase is these eight color pallettes from Wet n Wild. The colors are super pigmnented, they give your suggestions on the back of the case for color combos to try, most "beauty gurus" on Youtube recommend them and the best thing-they're around 5 bucks at drugstores. Most people use Wet n Wild as "dupes" for high end eyeshadows like those from Mac.
Ok, enough for this week. Please leave me a comment and let me know if any of these tips are useful to you. Please please please. Time to throw this sparkly honeybee into the sky and see if it flies. My love to you all xoxo. ~Erin

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cool Little Tricks

Hi Everyone! Im so sorry that it has been months since Ive posted here but as most of you know my summer was a bit crazy (well a bit crazy might be an understatement). Hopefully now everything will stay calm and craziness free for a while and I can get back to why I started this blog to begin with-to give you all cool ideas and natural skincare remedies. I do have two natural skincare solutions that I would like to share with you today, plus one or two cool little tricks of the trade that Ive come up with and thought I would also share. So, here we go. The first idea is one I found on Pinterest and is for a natural pore strip (like the Biore ones you can buy). All you need is a packet of plain gelatin and 1-2 tablespoons of milk. Mix them together in a little bowl and then microwave the mixture for maybe 10 seconds to smooth it out. Stir again and spread on your face. WATCH OUT FOR YOUR EYEBROWS AND HAIR! Leave the mask on until its dry (and your face is just about to crack) and then peel off and rinse the residue off with warm water. Now, a warning-this stuff hurts like hell when you peel it off and it you have any peach fuzz or you get it in your eyebrows or hair its gonna feel like its yanking it out (because it kinda is). The clean feeling after was worth it though, and I could really see that the number of clogged pores I had were fewer. Would I do this again? Yes, but I think its going to be a once a month or so thing.
The second idea is from a video I found on Youtube (really a compilation of videos Ive found). I hate toner. Hate it hate hate it. I think the reason I hate it so much is because of the tendency it has to sting my face. I also know the benefits of a having a toner in your daily skincare routine (for me, its part of my nighttime routine). Toner puts the pH of your skin back to where it should be after cleansing and it also helps shrink your pores so that all the dust and dirt around you doesnt get in to begin with. Ive realized now that theres something in storebought toners (or at least the Clinique one I was using) that was too much for my face so I had to come up with something else. The solution that I found is much cheaper and available at your supermarket. Its witch hazel and lemon juice. I take equal parts of each and mix them into a little tavel size bottle I bought at K-mart. Shake to mix and its ready. I used this for the first time last night and it felt great on my face. Bonus, if you have freckles or dark spots the lemon juice will help to lighten them. I will let you know in a later blog post what kind of change I see, if any, to my face it has.
Now for a cool trick and a product review. First the trick: I am travelling to Burlington in a few weeks for an Early Ed conference and I did not want to have to pack my night serum and moisturizer (basically for fear I would forget them and would have to buy new ones, these are some of the products I won and I cannot afford the 100 bucks to replace them right now). I love these two products so I also didnt want to miss two nights without them. The solution-a contact lens case. I bought two of these cases for like 3 bucks at K-Mart and it was the perfect size to hold two night's worth of serum and moisturizer and I can leave the bottles safe and sound at home. I also have another case if I decide to do the same thing with my foundation and primer or another skincare/beauty product.
The last thing I have to tell you about is a product that I have absolutely fallen in love with. Its my Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System. I had been checking out the Clarasonic cleansing system on Sephora and really wanted it, but didnt want to lay down the 150 bucks for it. I was so happy when I found out Olay had one too and I could buy it for between 20 and 30 bucks (depending on where you buy it). I bought mine a couple of weeks ago at K-Mart and Oh My God! I cannot explain how much cleaner my face feels. I use it every night with my Olay pore minimizing cleanser+scrub. Its a little brush that scrubs your face. Just wet your face and the little brush (you can buy replacement brush heads for it) and scrub your face in little circles. It has two speeds (Clarasonic only has one) and runs on two AA batteries (Clarasonic is rechargable). Even when I miss a might, my face feels so different since Ive started using these two things that I recommend them whole heartedly. Try the cleanser too, its awesome.
I love trying out new stuff so if youve seen something in a magazine or on tv and want to know if Ive tried it just ask-if I havent and I can afford it I might just try it out for you and then five it a review. Sorry I kind of blathered on today, I just has too much to say lol. My apologies too, for any typos I missed. The sun is shining on my laptop screen :) Time to toss this honeybee into the sky and see if it flies. Love, Erin

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Crafty Challenge Month #2-Edible Challenge

Photobucket Ok, time for another month and another challenge. This month's theme was "edible" and I decided to make some quinoa granola. I love eating quinoa and it is one of nature's superfoods (meaning its super good for you) but Im always looking for new ways to make it. Quinoa Granola -1 cup quinoa toasted in 1/2 tsp olive oil until light brown and nutty -2 cups old fashioned oats -1/2 cup almonds (I used a mixture of almonds and hazelnuts) -2 tsp cinnamon -1/2 cup sugar -1 tbsp maple syrup or honey -1/2 cup applesauce -1/4 cup water -1/2 cup dried cranberries or cherries
Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Dump the quinoa ( I buy mine in the bulk bins at Hannafords), oats, nuts, and cinnamon in a bowl. Mix the sugar, maple syrup or honey, applesauce, and water together until the sugar dissolves. Add to quinoa/oat mixture and stir until everything is coated.
Spread onto a baking sheet that is covered in parchment or sprayed with oil spray*. Bake for 30-40 minutes, stirring often. Watch closely last few minutes, it will burn fast. Let cool on pan and then pour into a bowl and mix in the dried fruit. Store in an airtight container.
*Jen will be happy to know that I used my Pampered Chef oil mister for this ;-) Dont forget to check out Jen's recipe at, Jaime's recipe at and Ellie's recipe at

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I accept the challenge!

Photobucket A few weeks ago my sister-in-law Jen came to me and brought up the idea of a Craft Challenge where four of us would come up with a different themed craft each month. I thought it was a great idea and a way to get my butt in gear in the craft area. This month's theme was "crafter's choice" and here is what I made. First, I need to fess up. This is not an original idea. I found it on Pinterest and thought that they were super cool and would look great lit up and night. Plus, they were super easy to make. One sidenote-the decorative screening is kind of expensive. A sheet (enough to make one big luminary) is $10 and up at Home Depot (depending on what kind of metal its made out of). Decorative Screening Luminaries First I went to Home Depot and bought three sheets of decorative screening (yes, the kind you would use in your doors) and some black spray primer/paint. The only other things you need is some wire cutters and some wire to hold them together. Take the screening and roll it around something (I used an oatmeal canister). Once its in a cylinder shape just use small pieces of wire to hold them together. An extra set of hands or a set of clamps may come in handy at this point.
After that i just spray painted them black so they would look somewhat the same (they were two different kinds of metal) and let them dry.
These are big and will easily fit a jar candle inside them. I have one more piece of screening that I plan on cutting in half horizontally and making two short luminaries with. I'll post a pic when I get it done. Finally, here they are lit up. As you can see, the screening is two different patterns.
Now go check out Jen@ Ellie@ Jaime@

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My name is Erin and I have an addiction....

Ok, Im ready to admit it. My name is Erin and I have an addiction-to the website Pinterest. Where has this website been all my life? I dont have to search the web for hours anymore to find a good recipe or a craft idea to work on. Its all right there, in one place, and I can even save the ideas I love to a nifty little "board". This is just too much. Wow, look at all these cute manicures-guess I better grow my nails so I can try them. Look at that beautiful pillow-I can make that easy peasy (even though I dont sew). Hmm, I need some new paints and a big jar of modge podge and need to go to Home Depot to find some decorative screening (its in the back by the screen doors). Ok, where in the world do people get the money enough to do all of these do it yourself projects and why dont I have a bunch of mason jars and wooden pallets laying around damnit?!
There are two kinds of people in the world-crafty people (my sister-in-law Jen fits this category) and wannabe crafty people (that would be me).  Am I really going to try 90% of the crafts and recipes that I save? Nope, probably not. Am I really capable of drawing tiny bumblebees on my nails?! Do I have time to make those yummy homemade cupcakes? Possibly, for a holiday. Will I really make jello shots with citrus fruit? Ok, this one is a definite possibility. I now realize that Pinterest is not a place for me to find some great recipes and crafts to do-its a place for me to pretend. If I "pin" it then it might actually come to fruition. I know I should be doing lesson plans or typing a paper, but what if I miss something good that a friend has pinned? Just give me five more minutes, I really need to find that perfect Coach handbag to put in my "if I suddenly become rich and can afford anything" board.
Hi my name is Erin and I have an there a 12 step program for "pinners"?!?!

Time to toss this sparkly honeybee into the sky and see if it flies..........

'Luv, Erin

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Winter Itchies

   Thanks girls for showing an interest in my blog. This is going to be fun! I promise to start giving you some great homemade recipes to try and to win soon. Truth be told I'm trying to find some jars and bottles so that I can start packaging what I make. Until then I thought I'd tell you about another one of my new found loves.
   Am I the only one who still has dry, itchy "winter" skin? I'm betting at least one of you is shaking your head no. It drives me crazy, I tried so many different kinds of lotions to get rid of it and I swear that at one point I was positive that I would have dry, flaky skin FOREVER. I had given up when I suddenly happened upon an article extolling the virtues of coconut oil.
   Coconut oil? Never heard of it. I know coconut milk and coconut water and even that cream of coconut that they use in drinks but not coconut oil. So I kept reading and then looked for other articles about the subject. They all pointed to coconut oil being the new "it" oil that is even better for you than olive oil. You can use this stuff on your skin, you can eat a couple tablespoons of it a day for the health benefits (I wont get into that part here), you can use it in your hair or cook your food in it. Ok people, you've got my attention.
   This week when I went to the grocery store I decided to pick up a jar and give it a try. Heck, nothing else was working and I'm not about to wear shorter sleeves with my arms looking like alligator skin. Last night I grabbed the jar and before going to bed I dug some out (coconut is solid at room temp.) and slathered it all over my arms. It literally melted as soon as it touched my skin and my arms didn't feel at all greasy after putting it on. They say on the jar to heat the oil to liquefy it before using it on your skin, but come on-like we all have time for that extra step right? Yeah, it was a little tough to get out of the jar but not impossible. Oh, and in case you're wondering-there is no smell to it.
   I'm going to keep putting this on before bed until the winter itchies is gone. The jar was like 10 bucks at Hannaford but it doesn't take much so I can see a jar lasting for quite some time. So if you have the winter itchies too, I highly recommend giving this a try. Let me know if you do and what you think of it.

Time to toss this sparkly honeybee into the sky and see if it flies...........

Love, Erin